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You’ve all heard of the #GigCity or #FiberValley, and you likely know that until late last year, most of our neighbors over the hill had access to internet speeds we could only dream of through the internet service provider (ISP) EPB, or Electric Power Board.

However, that all changed as Fiber projects began throughout Marion, Sequatchie, and Bledsoe counties in mid-2017. Led by community owned telecommunications cooperatives, Bledsoe Telephone Co-Op and Sequachee Valley Electric Co-op, and with the assistance of Federal loans, citizens of these counties now have access to some of the fastest internet speeds in the world!

But just how fast is fast? Well, if the internet before fiber was a horse and buggy, fiber lines are the Space-X Falcon Heavy of internet. (If you’re missing the analogy, just know that it’s really really fast. So fast, that until a few years ago, companies didn’t believe that residential users even needed fiber as an option, because it was too fast.

What makes it so fast though? Internet has traditionally been provided over copper lines; often via telephone wires, or coax cables. This cable has a limit on just how fast and how far it can go before the internet inside the line starts to fizzle out or just get lost. With fiber, data is being transmitted using light waves that travel at the speed of, well….light! By changing from electrical signals over copper wire to light signals through fiber optic rods, more data is being transferred at speeds that were at one time only a dream. Just for a little more perspective, if you had a 56kbps modem in 1996, a gigabit fiber line is 17,850 times faster than your old dial-up line, and 200 times faster than the maximum speeds for ADSL and satellite internet.

If you’re interested in Fiber-to-the-home or business, check out BTC Fiber or SVEC Fiber. And, if you’re located in Hamilton County, EPB has you covered!

Want the most out of your new network? Contact us today about upgrading your home or business network to support the World’s Fastest Internet.

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