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Internet over Satellite has become more common in recent years, but consumers are starting to wise up to the trick and we’ll likely see people lose interest in this medium as Wireless ISPs become more accessible. Championed by companies like DirecTv and Dish’s recent acquisition of HughesNET, Satellite internet is often a snake oil sale with high prices, slow speeds, and stiff contract penalties.

While satellite coverage is more prevalent around the globe, chances are good that most consumers have a much better choice available to them. Even at reduced bundling rates, our clients usually end up paying more for less. Currently, the price of a 25 mbps satellite subscription can run anywhere between $50-70. This is usually in under-served areas, where clients may be willing to pay for what seems like a good deal. But the fly in the ointment is the two-fold limitations of the service.

To borrow from our analogy for WISP‘s:

Take the following vehicular analogy as an example. In cases of Internet service, there are two factors you should consider. 1) How fast can you go in the car? This is the amount of data you can use. 2) How fast can the car go? This is the speed at which data will travel. Though satellite and WISP are convenient, both have a limitation on both the speed and the distance that they can travel. These may be good options for a short amount of time, but if you like to drive fast and far, WISP may not be the solution for you.

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