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Wireless Internet Service Providers, are an up and coming technology in the residential and consumer markets. Used by businesses for over a decade, Wireless Internet Service Providers can distribute internet to areas that might otherwise go unreached by traditional copper or fiber lines. With new advances in 4G LTE, these services are becoming even more useful.

While WISP’s are less prevalent than traditional ISP’s, WISP’s are a good choice for someone who may travel often or who may rent and not be interested in a fixed point-of-service. Our own technicians often carry WISP modems for on-site support in non-traditional areas, or at client sites with antiquated or damaged infrastructure. While not as reliable or as fast as a fiber connection, these connections can often reach download speeds of 50mbps.

Unlike traditional ISPs however, the limitations of WISP are generally two-fold. Take the following vehicular analogy as an example. In cases of Internet service, there are two factors you should consider. 1) How fast can you go in the car? This is the amount of data you can use. 2) How fast can the car go? This is the speed at which data will travel. Though satellite and WISP are convenient, both have a limitation on both the speed and the distance that they can travel. These may be good options for a short amount of time, but if you like to drive fast and far, WISP may not be the solution for you.

Clients looking for a good on-the-go or travel solution may consider Ting.io or FreedomPop. Both are inexpensive and are usable. Unfortunately, neither carrier, nor AT&T and Verizon currently provide WISP service to Sequatchie Valley.

If you’re interested in an ISP for home or business, check out Bledsoe Telephone Co-op . If you’re located in Hamilton County, EPB has you covered. We highly recommend either’s Fiber options!

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