White Glove Concierge Service

Need help, but not sure what to ask for?

McAfee Media Solutions is proud to introduce its new White Glove Concierge service.

With the new White Glove Concierge service, McAfee Media Solutions will provide on-site à la carte hourly assistance for all your technology needs.

Before today, the people of the Sequatchie Valley had no “genius bars” or “geek squads” to turn to. If a client needed assistance setting up a smart TV or diagnosing issues with their Wi-Fi, there was no “catch all”. Now, clients can reach out to McAfee Media Solutions for any tech related issue, however small it may seem.

“Our first client called to have their DirecTv cancelled and their Netflix and Hulu linked to their smart TV ,” said Justin McAfee, owner of McAfee Media Solutions. “It was really odd because these were things that are in our realm of ability, but most folks pawn off on younger family members, nephews, son-in-laws. We never realized before that this need existed or that people would want to pay for it. So far, we’ve scheduled on-site configurations for clients for everything from smart TVs to new off-the-shelf consumer routers over the next few weeks.”

McAfee Media Solutions will continue to take appointments throughout the summer for the White Glove Concierge service. Appointments may be scheduled online at mcafeemediasolutions.com/contact-us or by phone at 423-774-7205.

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