Apple Admits Providing 1000’s of Users Data to Fed.

As is always the case at McAfee Media Solutions, we believe in strong protections for personal privacy. When companies and governments won't provide the privacy needed, we create it ourselves. Apple published its yearly Transparency report this week and had a surprising uptick in the number of devices and user data requests from governments. Overall, … Continue reading Apple Admits Providing 1000’s of Users Data to Fed.

WireGuard VPN Walkthrough

updated 7JUN19@1023     Installing WireGuard VPN on Debian Based Linux Servers with Ubuntu Based Linux Clients WireGuard is a kernel-based VPN solution that features speeds several times faster than normal IPSEC based VPN solutions. This Guide is Subject To Change at Any Point given improvements in the usability and configuration of WireGuard. Steps to … Continue reading WireGuard VPN Walkthrough

Five Eyes Countries Threaten Tech Industry

Australia's Department of Home Affairs published a letter today entitled "Statement of Principles on Access to Evidence and Encryption" from the governments of the countries of the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, otherwise known as "The Five Eyes". In the letter, the five countries addressed the continuous non-problem faced by governments … Continue reading Five Eyes Countries Threaten Tech Industry

Gmail Admits User Data Unsafe; Exposed to 3rd Parties

Wall Street Journal exposes 3rd party access to users’ Gmail inboxes. Google admitted this week that while they have honored their promise to no longer scan users inboxes for advertising purposes, they have not restricted 3rd party application developers from doing so. Sources quoted in the Wall Street Journal [paywall] article said that developers have … Continue reading Gmail Admits User Data Unsafe; Exposed to 3rd Parties

Pikeville’s Pizza King brings high speed WiFi to customers.

Utilizing high speed wireless access points and Bledsoe Telephone’s new Fiber service, Pizza King is able to offer new service to customers. McAfee Media Solutions finished work at Pikeville’s Pizza King restaurant last week, completing a total overhaul of the restaurant’s network. Partnered with Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative's new fiber internet service, Pizza King can now … Continue reading Pikeville’s Pizza King brings high speed WiFi to customers.

Steam Spyware Scares Supporters

Over 1000 users of the popular online game marketplace Steam identified spyware being distributed alongside game files last week. Redshell, the spyware program discovered by Reddit User, Alexspeed75, tracks user data and behavior and shares it with an unknown number of 3rd parties. So far, 56 games have been identified as including the spyware, including … Continue reading Steam Spyware Scares Supporters

What is a VPN and why do I need one?

After the Snowden revelations in 2013, the world discovered just how deep the surveillance rabbit hole goes. From PRISM to XKeyscore and secret FISA courts, everything you do online is captured, analyzed, and recorded for later use. Anything you’ve said or thought, can and will be used against you in a court of law. VPNs, … Continue reading What is a VPN and why do I need one?

Do I Have Enough RAM?

Imagine this: you are sitting at your personal computer. Maybe you're photo or video editing or playing an online game with your friends. Suddenly, your program starts becoming slow and unresponsive. Why? Random Access Memory (or RAM) is a physical storage device your computer uses to temporarily store information. Accessing the data stored in RAM … Continue reading Do I Have Enough RAM?