Problems with Windows? Looking for the right piece of software? Or maybe you just need training on what you’ve already got? McAfee Media Solutions is here to help. Check out our full menu of à la carte options below!

Windows Refresh

Having problems with Microsoft Windows? Updates, viruses, and general use can put a lot of wear and tear on an operating system. Just like a tune-up for your car, our refresh will get your machine back in tip top shape. Let us reload your machine and have it running like new. Click here to schedule a refresh today!

Windows Streamline

Windows 10 comes with lots of great features, but all those features can be a burden on old or enterprise systems. Let our technicians build you the thinnest, fastest version of Windows 10 to fit your needs! Get a quote today and let us meet your needs!

Virus Removal

Files disappearing and re-appearing? Strange pop-ups? Urgent warning messages? Sounds like she’s sick Doc. But don’t worry, we won’t have to put ‘er down! McAfee Media Solutions can often recover any machine struck with the digital plague! Click here to schedule an appointment today!

Small Business Solutions

Using our knowledge and expertise in small business operations, our technicians will design and implement custom solutions using the latest and greatest in Open-Source Software. Our dedication to Open-Source Software insures you receive the highest quality software available, at the lowest cost to you. Get a quote today and let us help your small business succeed!

Custom Training Plans

McAfee Media Solutions are happy to offer custom on-site training plans for anyone wanting to learn more about computer systems. Class sizes may vary from individual instruction up to 20 participants and include appropriate take-home and self-study materials regarding your chosen programs. Get a quote today and let us help you or your employees succeed!