Mixed Traffic VPN

The ultimate in digital privacy and disambiguation, the McAfee Media Solutions logless VPN is your answer to privacy in the digital realm!

McAfee Media Solutions Mixed Traffic VPN is currently in an invite-only Beta. To apply for the Beta, Click Here. Not sure what a VPN is? Check out our blog for more information.


December 2017: Users begin participating in the MMS VPN alpha.
February 2018: VPN servers receive electrical backups.
March 2018: VPN servers are migrated to a dedicated 35↑35↓ mbps VDSL line.
April 2018: Users begin participating in the MMS VPN invite-only beta.
June 2018: VPN servers reach 100 days of consecutive uptime with 100% availability.
August 2018: VPN servers migrated to  1↑1↓ gbps full duplex fiber lines. – Pending